Thoughts on Labor Day

Tonite Im sitting here wondering if all this is really worth it and will it ever pay off. I dont think that people realize how much time and money goes into making a handmade item. I have spent more money than I want to remember yet no profit is comming in. I started this blog in hopes to attract customers and to keep track of my work.

I really need to cocentrate on marketing my business the best way I know how with the least amount of money. I am currently working on getting some business cards made that Ill take to all the local shops in my town. I am working on gettins some pieces together to take to a local bead shop that does consignment. I need to reasearch other shops in the area as well. I have a security issue when it comes to marketing my jewerly. I feel like Im always going to be rejected as soon as I walk into a store. This will have to be fixed emediatly If I plan on being sucessful.

My mind wonders sporatically through out the day about ideas and such, and the only thing that holds me back from transforming that idea from a thought to a piece of art is...money...the root of all evil.

I want to eventually get into metalsmithing. Well, with some research and thought, this wont be happening for a long time. For now, ill have to make do with what I have.

Im going to go downstairs and sit on my back porch on this lovely Labor day in hopes to climb out of this hole and get inspired by nature.

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