Wholesale Information

I've had a huge request for wholesale recently, so I decided to take the time and explain why I may or may not take the offer.

First, Wholesale usually means that you sell a bulk amount of items to a retailer at 50% off the retail price. There is usually a minimum order of $100.

I'm still on the rail about this idea. My prices are very low comparitivly speaking. Shop around and take a look at what most people are selling there felted items for. They aren't cheap by any means.

When I first started selling my items I did not want to mark them up too high because I wanted to sell rather than having a huge inventory of highly priced items sitting around my studio waiting for that rich person to stumble across my site and buy. I have a method to pricing. I calculate my materials and my labor and the general value of the product. I could easily sell my handmade items for more than I do, however I do not feel that that is in the good nature of the indi community. We are a bunch of artists/crafters that are trying to make a living and spread the cheer of art all around the world. Sometimes money isnt everything. Although we are all so different we all have one thing in common, WE HATE MASS PRODUCED STUFF!

You are probably wondering by now what this all has to do with wholesale, even though my prices are reasonable, I dont create to sell cheap. I cannot reduce my items cost by 50%. Its not possible. I would lose money.

Now that said, there are some exeptions to the rule. Let me explain. I examine each wholesale request on a case to case bases. I dont have a generated email replying to every request I get since each case is different.

Here are some things that I consider when deciding who to wholesale with..

1. Is the person letgit. Do they have a wholesale/ tax id ?

2. What type of vendor are they reselling my product in ?

3. Are they going to try to sell the item and market it as there own ?

4. Are they willing to bargain with price until we are both satisfied with our profit?

5. Is the person friendly and easy to contact ?

6. Are they going to agree to my minimum order ?

Once I have found all this information out, I will proceed to consider wholesale. Most people contact me and want items asap. This is not possible since everything is on a made to order bases.

If you are reading this and you are interested in purchasing wholesale from me, these are the things that you need to concider before contacting me....

1. Are you ready to provide contact information, tax id, and or wholesale licence to me?

2. I sell on a first come first serve basis. How long are you willing to wait for your product?

3. My minimum order is $100 and 50% is due upfront. Can you do this?

4. Prepare to send me pictures of your shop or website address so I can see what venue you are selling from.

5. I will only reduce my price by 20 to 25%. Is this alright?

I hope that I'm not missing any information here. I will update as I think of more. For now, these are things that are important to me and I feel everyone should know about me and my craft before contacting me about wholesale.

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