There's a new street team in the making at Etsy.com called EcoEtsy.

Here is the mission statement about who we are and what we do....

EcoEtsy is a group for sellers who want to generate less waste and use other eco-friendly practices in the business of their shops.

Members of EcoEtsy will work together to:
*find attractive ways to reuse packing material
*find promotional materials that are eco-friendly
*manage a blog that encourages Etsy buyers and sellers to waste less
*promote Etsy through the creative reuse and labeling of packaging
*create tutorials for sellers who want to create stamps or stencils to reuse packaging
*create a forum for Etsy sellers to share eco-friendly ideas
*create a list of tips for sellers who want their shops to be more “green”
*educate buyers on the importance of reuse
*find promotional materials that are eco-friendly

EcoEtsy is different from Trashion in that it focuses on reuse and recycling in the business of Etsy, rather than in crafting. EcoEtsy and Trashion plan to collaborate at times, and will likely share many members.

EcoEtsy is open to all sellers who want to waste less in the process of selling, and to encourage buyers to do their part as well.

Blog: http://ecoetsy.blogspot.com

Contact: sarahkincheloe, walkonthemoon, funkybytara

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