Its been awhile.....

I can't believe that I abandoned the crafting world for such a long time. But the past is the past. I'm back now and that's all that matters.

For starters, I stopped crafting because I was in over my head in projects and didn't really know what I wanted to focus on for good. I was doing everything from jewelry to crochet to felting to paper goods to painting and drawing etc. So as you can imagine, buying supplies for all these hobbies was very expensive.

I recently cleaned out my crafting room and sold everything that I knew I was never gonna use again and swore to myself that I would not try to start those crafts up again.

I have decided that felting is my true passion. So this is what I'm sticking to. I may still dabble into jewelry every now and again but not to extent that I was. It's just too expensive to keep up with all the millions of other talented jewerly designers out there. The competition is heavy in that field and I'm just not ready to keep up with it all.

Luckily felting is still fairly new and the market isn't totally saturated yet. Recently, I have re listed a lot of old stock on www.etsy.com again and have been doing well so far (its only been a week ) . I plan to stay active and re listing new items as much as possible.

So, in ending, I hope everyone who reads this goes and checks out my shop and enjoys what I have to offer.

bye bye for now
♥ Tara

Here are some pictures of some things that are currently in my Etsy shop.....

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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