To Felt Or Not To Felt

I very rarely come across a yarn that I won't felt. But this, this yarn has me teetering on the fence. I was at my local yarn shop today and saw this out of the corner of my eye. I approached it with caution as I knew it had a hefty price tag. I picked it up, fell in love with it and said what the heck, I don't even care how much it is, I MUST have it.

well $10 and 48 yds. later, I come home with my prize possession. I read the tag and it turns out that this yarn has a little story. It goes like this....

100% super fine Alpaca wool yarn made in Chile, by the hands of mother and daughter who are inspired by the nature and culture of there land. Hand dyed from a kettle to create several unique shades. Each hank is different so there are no dye lots.

This particular color is called ' Copihue ' . which is a Chilean Bell flower. It is also chile's national flower and pollinated by humming birds.

What a neat story yeah? So I have decided that I'm NOT going to felt this yarn. Instead, I think I'm going to create a lovely change purse or card holder and line the inside with some sort of silk fabric, because after all, it deserves nothing less.

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Karen Ross Smith said...

This yarn is gorgeous enough to eat!