Wow What A Day

I woke around 6:30 am this morning ready to craft. Hubby is working so I had the whole house to myself to destroy. I decided that I was going to finally open up the sewing machine that my mom had gotten me for Christmas, yeah Christmas. I have a huge fear of those things and I was scared out of my mind to start using it.

So, I take it out plug it in and start learning how to use all the gadgets etc. I then realized that I didn't have any thread to thread the darn thing with. So I call Jo Ann's to see when they open. Mind you at this point its only like 7:30. They don't open till 9. So I fiddle around on Etsy for awhile check my email and feed the animals. I finally get to Jo Ann's and realize that if I want to learn this monster today I have to buy some fabric so I bought a yard of some scrap fabric and two yards of some cool fabric that went together in case I master this thing today and try to make something. I also picked up some pins, yard stick,fabric pen and a tote bag pattern.

I get home and I'm starting to get excited about this so that was good. I successfully threaded the machine on the first try and I successfully loaded the bobbin and threaded that on the first try. So I figure OK, this isn't too hard. I start playing around with the stitches on my scrap fabric and decided that I'm going to try to make this tote.

I get out the pattern and just start cutting away. Now remember its around 11 am now. I take my time and really try to read the directions as best I can with no experience. Finally after ripping seams etc because I can't get the measurements or the seam allowance right I decide that I'm going to not use the pattern and just make up my own. So the picture below is the the picture of my first sewing project.

I am very happy with it. I love the design and fabric that I used. I also embroidered the one side with a simple pattern and put a small red button for contrast.

It makes me wonder why I waited so long to open that sewing machine. Now I don't think I'll ever give it up!


pamela michelle said...

wow! that's very good for your first attempt at sewing! Good job!
Unfortunately my first didn't go so well.

kittyd said...

Wow! Hard to believe that was your first sewing attempt! Great job! :) I haven't sewn anything in years, I've probably forgotten how by now-lol!