Business Revamp update

So as you know I have been diligently working on revamping my business. Everything from the logo to the name to collection will all be different. It's a scary move for me but I know it was something I had to do. Here is a list of what I have completed so far...

1. Logo, banner, avatar designed and complete

2. Business cards designed and ordered

3. New Etsy shop url reserved and opened ( nothing is listed yet)

4. New felt designs almost complete

What still needs done...

1. Shipping info. needs entered in new shop

2. Bio and profile need revised in new shop

3. Tags need ordered
4. Felt collections need completed

5. Photographs of all felt needs done and saved in special folder
6. Moo cards need ordered

7. Items need listed in shop

8. Address labels need ordered

9. Myspace needs decorated

10. Blog url needs changed

11. New indiepublic, etsylove, and other sites I currently am a member of need changed to the new url

12. All my blog rings need changed to the new url

I think that' s it so far. I plan to get the rest of the collection prototypes made and completed by the end of October. Then the photographs need done and edited by the first week of October and hopefully after that, I can start listing items one at a time.
I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I have high expectations for sales and It would be a real bummer to do all this work and not do as good as I thought I would. Wish me luck!

New logo

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Gemheaven said...

I love the new logo - its on my list of things to do *sigh

Good luck with everything :D