Eco Etsy Street Team

I'm not sure I have blogged about this on my own blog but anyways, I'm the leader of the Street Team on Etsy called EcoEtsy. We focus on reduce, reuse and recycle methods as well as promote our own shops. It's very hard to run a team especially when it's a new team that is trying to get there name out there. I'm going to begin looking for another leader to help me out with administrative duties.

Recently the team launched it's first contest called the Tree Huggin Photo contest. You can read more about the details of the contest on our team blog. The contest is open to all Etsy sellers. The winner will receive a prize gift box filled with handmade goodies donated from the team. How cool is that.

Today The Storque featured us in an article that I created to spread the word about the contest. You can find that article here.

overall, I think the team is evolving greatly. I'm adding new members each day. If you are interested in joining the EcoEtsy Team refer to the team blog for instructions.
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Barbra said...

Where is that tree with the heart picture from? I want a copy!!!!

project felt said...

I got it off of istock photo site. Isn't it lovley