* I've Been Tagged *

Oh no! I have been waiting for this day. All About Buttons tagged me today.
This should be fun.
Ok, So I have to share 7 facts about me. Random, funny, weird facts. So here they are....

Oh by the way, the picture is me and my lovely boyfriend ♥ (obviously)

1. I cannot start my day without a Red Bull and I cannot end my day with out a Carmelo bar. These are a MUST for me each and every day, no matter what. This addiction started for me about a year ago when I discovered that Red Bull made me happy and giddy inside. Then the Carmelo bars came along when I craved some chocolate and well, I fell in love.

2. I have the worse fear for spiders I've ever seen. If I see a spider, I will run the other way and scream until someone gets it. I refuse to kill them myself because that's not nice. They can go anywhere they want in this world as long as it's far away from me. I have even considered hypnotism, yeah, its that bad.

3. Some may know this. I am completely self taught in everything I know and do. I have no formal training in any skills what so ever, other than cheer leading....lol I have a book collection like you wouldn't believe of how to's and other informatives. I'm trying to cut down on the book buying as it's not that great for the environment. It's much nicer for the earth to get online and get my design and style fix.

4. My ultimate dream for my life is the following, and I don't share this often because its sorta my little secret I dream about every night. I want to live in Charleston SC, work part time for a boutique of interest, and the other part of my time felting and growing my business to create a customer base that I can live with comfortably. My super super duper dream would be to own my own yarn/consignment shop in Charleston SC of course, and craft and play on etsy all day!

5. I hate pumping gas. I will wait till the last second and coast into the gas station. I'm just that lazy.

6. Fall and rain are my two favorite things in life. Most people get recharged when spring and summer hit but I get pumped up with fall is near, like right now! I love the autumn colors and the breezy nights.

7. And last but not least, I one day want to own lots of dogs! here is my list of must have dogs before I die.
English Bulldog
Chow Chow
Yorkshire Terrier (already have)

Well that's all folks. Hope you gotta a laugh and learned more about me. So I have to pass this on the 7 more people. Here are the rules

Now I have to tag.
Here are the rules:
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2. Share 7 facts about YOU: some random, some weird...all devastatingly interesting.
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Barbra said...

LOVE learning more about you. And the gas thing for both of us is a hoot. I'm going to Charleston in 2 weeks...great city!

Mary Helen Scribble Nation said...

Self teaching rocks! I never got very far when it came to classes in general. I even got ejected from an art class once because I just could not behave myself and follow directions. Hee hee - so I'm a self inflicted self taughtee. Keeps the mind SHARP.

pinkbathtub said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I did my "tagged" post and tagged 7 more:) Thx!


Morgan said...

just found your site and I cant stop scrolling and reading... very inspiring!
REading this post- I thought- you should consider Portland, OR! you dont have to pump your own gas- actually its illegal, and it rains 5 months out of the year! How about that! we are also very dog friendly hear and very very crafty!