Junk Mail

In an effort to find a way to reduce the amount of junk mail or waste that comes in my mail everyday, I started researching online thinking there might be a site where you can register your address to not receive junk mail anymore.

Although there is a site out there like that, I cam across something even more interesting and exciting. It's a site called
Junk Mail.

The idea was created by a woman from Minneapolis Minnesota named Gretchen. Obviously fed up with the trash she was receiving as well, she decided to get crafty and create wonderful works of art with her daily junk. The best part is, she doesn't even have to order supplies, they come to her daily with out even asking or spending a penny! She notes on her site that junk mail destroys 62 million trees per year, & fills 3% of America's landfills. Now if that's not enough to make you puke! Here are a few of my favorite picks from her website.

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