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I'm going to Crafty Bastards this Sunday! WHOO HOO for me. I'm so excited. On that note, I have decided to do my Etsy find of the week today instead since I won't be around. As always, I'm browsing Etsy for some new jewelry and I kept clicking on this particular style. I realized after about five listings, that I was checking out jewelry from the same shop. Her style and sense of organic caught my immediate attention. I'm a rather simple person when it comes to style and dressing, however, I love to play with fun accessories that make a statement. I have lots of Courtney's things hearted on Etsy. I cannot wait till the day comes when I can place an order with her. The brushed silver and round bold shapes make the perfect everyday wear. Check out her shop at www.eva666.etsy.com. You won't be disappointed.

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