ok, so I guess you can see the change to my blog. I have the new shop and business name up and running. I also changed my blog address to projectfelt.blogspot.com I listed my first two items in the new shop today. I'm very excited and hope that all goes well. It's by far not over as I have lots more to list and do for this makeover. ♥ Must get back to work!

Felted Needle Jackets .. Peacock Collection ..

Felted Card Holder .. Sea Collection ..


Brandi said...

I like the felted needle jackets!

I just stopped by to welcome you to the Indiepublic Blog Ring! Thanks so much for joining!

Gemheaven said...

I've updated you on my blog Tara :D

Love the card holders!

pinkmilk said...

Beautiful colours you have there :)

yellow monday said...

Love your new blog, and well done on all the changes you've made. It's looking fabulous!