Or water depending on where you're from. How do we save on water and what do we do most that contributes to water waste? I wanted to share a few facts and tips on saving aqua, which is a pretty color too by the way.

300 gallons of this stuff is used by an average three family home. So how many gallons for the lovely TV family " John and kate plus 8"? I don't even want to know. What uses water?

> washer
> showering
> watering garden
> flushing the toilet
> dish washer
> drinking

How can we conserve water and still go about our daily routines? I mean, you can't go without taking a shower and I'm sure you prefer your toilet over the outhouse right? I hope so.

These tips may seem obvious but how many of us really abid by them or even think about them on the daily? So yes, I'm going to state them again for you as a reminder.

> Only wash full loades of cloths. I know in my house, I had a habit of using two towels when I took a shower. Now, I use 1 towel every week. Hey, I'm clean when I use it so why should I get a new one everyday? It cut my laundry load in half I swear!

> Turn off your faucet when you are brushing your teeth. Put a note on your vanity mirror if you need a reminder. This can save your household a whooping 50 gallons of water a year!

> Put a large trash barrel at the end of you drain pipe this year to collect water and snow. Use it to hose down you cars, water the plants, scrub the litter boxes etc. etc.

> Change out your shower heads for low flow options. These are so popular now a days I bet you can get them at walmart sorry, didn't mean to say it.

> when you run your dish washer, opt out of the drying cycle. Just prop open the door a little to let air circulate in to dry your dishes. Easy peasy.

Well that's it for now. Hope you learned a little something about water use how you can make small changes to be more proactive in the conservation of your water.

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sillygeese said...

If you need to run your faucet to get hot water, place a pitcher under the water and collect it for watering in door plants, your pets(it is clean after all) making ice, drinking...