My Etsy Find of The Week :: Loopy Boopy ::

In Lu of the Halloween month in full effect, Etsians are coming out with there Halloween products. I thought it would be appropriate to showcase on of those sellers this week. Loopy Boopy has topped my chart with the most unusual, whimsical, scary and fun Halloween items. She is a self taught doll sculptist ( is that a word ?) anyways, her amazing creative talent to create such eerie creepy dolls draws my attention and sucks me into the scary spooky season. Each piece has a character and personality of it's own. I'm attracted to the quality and whimsical nature the facial features bring. I want them all ! And I want them now! I want to buy each one and display them year round in my house. It was difficult choosing what pictures I wanted to use for this feature, but here are a few picked at random.

Don't forget to check out Loppy Boopy's shop for lots more of these cool creature.

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