My Etsy Find of The Week ::Margaux Lange::

So I'm moved into my new dwelling and all is well. I'm super excited to be blogging again. Let me first catch up with my feature sellers. So with out further ado......

I first came across Margaux Lange at the Crafty Bastards show in Washington DC. I came across her Etsy shop today because I noticed her work on the front page. This must be the most unusual jewelry craft I have seen to date. It's so refreshing to see something original and unique since the jewelry making industry is so saturated and designs are looking the same everyday. Margaux Lange was inspired by barbie since childhood.

I love the fact that she used recycled metals in her work as well. Her whimsical designs and lovely
Barby parts lend to a certain fun and playfulness that will surly grab any one's attention. I can tell you that when I was browsing her booth at the show, It was hard to get up close and personal with her work as so many people where interested and intrigued with her very unusual craft. Visit her Etsy shop to see her work!

Here are a few of Marqaux's works that I'm particularly fond of...

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