So much to tell tonight!

What a day I've had today. I couldn't wait to get home and share with everyone the wonderful news that my blog was featured on the Storque today! The Storque is the Etsy online newspaper. They wanted to interview me a bit and get my story about blogging. I was very honored and flattered. Please read the article. Many people have come to me already telling me that my article has inspired them to blog. What fun.

On another note; I was also on the front page of Etsy all day today. The treasury that I was in was picked for front page news. Yipee! AND...I sold a pair of Nesters too!

Whew, I'm tired. Going to bed. Nite nite.


The Far Grove said...

I came here from the Storque article, actually. Thank goodness! I've been surfing around for a week, having intended to start a blog for my (hopefully to open at the very start of 2008) Etsy shop, as a means of advertising.

This always happens...I just decide to do something and then Etsy writes an article promoting that very thing, lol. Well I guess it means my instincts are good, anyway.

I'm glad to see your blog because I just got a blogspot blog a day or two ago and didn't see anything about posting pictures and wasn't sure if that was a feature they had or not...but obviously it is, since yours has them.

Though it's hard to decide what place to go with. I'm so very familiar with LJ and I love its photo features...but it doesn't seem as professional.

Congrats, anyway :)

Pagano DesignWorks said...

Your shop is FABULOUS!!! Love the colors and of course, the felty-ness of it all. I'll keep reading!
You keep up the good work.