This was a pleasent surprise I came across when looking for hot cocoa, go figure. Google needs to refine there search terms just a bit. But at any rate, I found a company that put together an Eco friendly gift box for the gift giving season. Rather geneous inf you ask me. And quite frankly, hoping I get one for Christmas.

Starterkitforchange.com has come up with the most creative Eco-friendly gift I have seen yet this season. A box full of Eco goodies. Promote, educate, motivate, activate, communicate is there motto. Clever huh? Everything down to the tags on the basket are eco friendly being made from lokta tree shavings.

What does the box include you ask?

> Booklet
> Arbor Day plantable seeds
> Gratitude Cards
>Sudoku Book
> Journal
> Recycled Pencile
> Fair trade hot chocolate
> Tote Bag
> Charity Envelopes

Price per box: $40 USD An unbelievable deal. Hurry before it's too late to ship in time! Visit starterkitforchange.com to snag yours

Upon looking at the site more deeply, I came across this super cool tote bag that boasts the companies name on it. They look very well made and at $20 USD, I'm putting this on my list too!

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KreativeMix said...

very cool. i'll check it out