Eco Levi's ?

Yeah, I had to take a second look as well when I discover the new Eco-friendly jeans that the ever so popular Levi's company launched not to long ago. Surprisingly very well designed and very modern looking for us mod chicks.

The jeans are made from 98% organic cotton and 2% spandex. Pricing is high for Levi's but not out of range comparatively speaking. A pair of Lucy brand jeans can run you in upwards of $150 bucks. Who has that money? I'm a starving artist. I sure don't.

Currently, there are only 8 styles to choose from. I'm sure more will be revealed as the "green" movement progresses.

Above: Wide Leg Trouser $78.00

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Joey & Aleethea said...

I love those pants! Great find.

I used to shop @ Zara's in NYC for the wide legged flairs I wore in the corporate world. Yucky corporate world...but loved the pants I wore to work. hehe.