Etys's Green shopping guide

I thought it would be a nice idea to showcase some green Etsyians. These are all my favorites found so far. More to come later. Have fun! Buy Handmade and Green while your at it.

Tea Towels $27.50 for a set of two by artgoodies

Daisy Spring Kitchen Towel $18.00 by Kalla's Shop

Cloth Menstral Pads $14.99 set of 3 by shabbychichippies

You Pick set of 3 $15.25 by Purusha

Craneberry Orange $5.50 by Purusha

Eco Friendly Shopping bag $10.00 by monkrockcreations

That's all for now folks. More to come as I find more awesome handmade eco finds on Etsy. So Stay tuned.

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