My Etsy Find of The Week :: Elsita ::

Elsita's shop grabbed my attention because her craft is a little cute mixed with some modern and eclectic. Her shop consist of art illustration, porcelain designs, wool felt dolls and some other great things. Somehow they all work together to create a very appealing shop. I'm particularly fond of her wool felt dolls, obviously.

Elsita is an independent artist who works full time and makes a living from her art. She is active in doing solo galleries and has students visit her studio which is one of her favorite doings. Her Etsy shop was debuted in April of this year. She is very successful and has sold many of her wares in such a short amount of time. I am quite fond of her dedication to her work and her family. Take the time to read her Profile. There is a lot of great information about herself, her family, and Etsy.

As always, here are a few of my favorites right now in Elsita's shop...

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