Paper and Ribbon and Trees Oh My!

Each year, Americans waste over a million extra tons of trash during the holiday season. Let's think of some creative ways we can reduce our foot print this season.

Interesting fun fact for ya too... If each family reused 2 feet of ribbon, we could save over 38,000 miles and wrap the entire planet with it! I can't believe it.

1. Think of what gifts you buy that really need wrapping in the first place. Why not try and shop some thrift stores and snag some baskets to fill with goodies. Some things like, bottles etc. are hard to wrap anyways and this will save you mega time.

2. Trees are staple in the Christian home this season, be choosy about where your family buys your tree. Look for a tree farm where tree are grown and replaced each year rather then purchasing from a forest where they most likely will not be replaced. Better yet, invest in a fake tree. Save some cash in the long run. Just add some pine scented sachets to the branches and know one will know.

3. What to do with the tree after Christmas you ask? Have it ground into wood chips to use as mulch for your garden in the spring.

4. Use low energy Christmas lights. If you must use lights all over the house and look like the North Pole itself, go ahead, but be responsible about it. They are 90% more efficient than traditional lights. If everyone replaced there old lights with LED's, then we could save over 2 billion kilowatt hours of electricity each month. :)

That's all my holiday tips for now. But stay tunes as more ideas come to mind to make your holidays even more green ♥

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Woodmouse said...

Good tips, although I have to disagree on the fake christmas tree one. Buying from a grower that plants new trees each year is always better than buying fake because you are keeping the grower in business...which means you are ensuring a place for trees to keep being re-planted. Also, a real tree is biodegradable where a fake one is bound to end up in a landfill eventually and since they are plastic based will not decompose for over 1000 years. (Plus, the plastic going into the production of the fake tree took lots of resources, etc).

Anyway, down with fake trees! LOL