Simple. Stylish. Responsible

When we think of Eco and being more green we think of hybrid cars, solar panels, energy efficient appliances, recycling, up cycling, etc. But their are so many Eco friendly products out there that your probably wouldn't think come in Eco friendly form.

Case in point. I have searching for a magazine rack for ages now. I cannot seem to find one that I like. Upon my regular shopping online at 2moderneco, I came across the perfect rack pictured below.

Who has enough pillows? Not me! Never will I have enough. So I figured well, if I'm going to be greedy and have to accumulate thousands of pillows, then might as well make them sustainable.

These pillows shown below are from designers Unison and K Studio. You can find these pillows on 2moderneco.com as well.

I just moved into a new apartment where I adopted an extra bathroom. This means one more shower curtain, a couple more towels, and some soap.

This shower curtain from Gaiam, is made from flax- based linen which is grown without harmful pesticides.

Viva Terra has a great selection of organic cotton towels I found. The ones shown below are my faves. They look so motelish ( is that a word?) And yet made from 100% certified organic cotton.


petits bijoux said...

New apartments are so exciting! We just painted our new studio bright green, it's super vibrant.

Lovely blog.

Fuzzy Izmit said...

Wow, that is an amazing magazine rack. Great find!