My Etsy Find of The Week :: Black Bags ::

Black Bags from Etsy.com has some great little stocking stuffers. She uses the most modern and unusual fabrics that are colorful and fun. Her tree fabric happens to be my favorite.

Black Bags creates wristlets , shoulder bags, hand bags and key fob wristlets. Each one is so expertly sewn together, it makes me jealous of her sewing abilities.

These bags are made using canvases from her neighboring state, South Carolina. This especially makes me happy because that means Black Bags is environmentally conscious and a supporter of our local businesses.

Each bag boasts an adjustable shoulder strap, a key fob holder, magnetic snap closure, three interior pockets and three exterior pockets. What a great bag yeah!

I snagged this up for myself just before I wrote this....

Here are a few others that I added to my Christmas wish list...

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