My Etsy Find of The Week :: Ink + Wit ::

I'm in the market for a 2008 calendar as most people are at this time of year, and during my searches, I came across this lovely Etsy seller, Tarahogan from Ink+Wit.

Ink+Wit is an art and design studio that specializes in fine art prints, stationary, custom designs, and original work. I'm particularly drawn to the letterpress stationary and of course the calendar that I have been eying up. Which I do believe they sold out of today. Bummer. There letterpress work is left to be desired and very simple and elegant. I love the patterns and colors used in the pieces. I see the next Paper Source uprising!

You can visit there Etsy shop or there website at inkandwit.com to see even more fun and cute stuff.

More faves of mine from their shop...

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