I was browsing my latest edition of Craft Magazine and got a little interested in making paper. I told myself a long time ago that I would stick to one craft and master it. Well, this one may be a little to hard to pass up. I must try it! This particular article from Craft tells you how to make paper from recycled ads, junk mail, leaves etc. How cool yeah.

So why not a recycled calendar for the new LEAP year! Over 52 million calendars are sold each year in the USA according to Ideal Bit. You could get a PDA or some other form of electronic day keeper, but what happens when that piece of electronics breaks or you see the super cool new model that you must have? It goes right to the land fills. It's a catch 22.

I prefer the old fashion method of writing things down on paper. Mainly because it's a lost art and keeps my vocabulary skills in check. :) I recently have become aware of the type of notebooks I buy. Recycled papers of all kinds are coming onto the market. This makes me happy. Before, these things were only available online. Now, I can walk into my local staples or Office Max and pick up a recycled notebook or calendar! Yeah for progress.

Here are few of my favorite recycled books, calendars, papers etc. Oh, and don't be surprised if after the new year I'm showcasing my lovely new handmade papers.

Journal by Green Line Paper $ 14.95 USD


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making your own paper sound like fun!!

tara said...

I've been recently entranced with Papermaking as well! I think I'm going to be using all of my office "trash" to make my paper.
As for calenders and planners, I use the hPDA method (a stack of 3x5 cards) that I read about on DIY Planner