You Can Save The Planet By: Richard Hough

Hmm....don't ask me why I was browsing Amazon.com for books. I'm not quite sure yet. But what I do know that while looking, I came across a book by Richard Hough called You Can Save The Planet.

A book about walks you through a typical day of a person and teaches you your contribution to the preservation of saving the earth. Fully illustrated and very factual information make this book an interesting read for those who are interested in learning more about what we can do in our daily lives and travels to conserve.

Richard Hough is a journalist and focuses on writing about environmental issues. This book incorporates links to websites, information about fair trade, carbon footprint, traveling and other very important hot topics.

I might be taking a trip to the local Borders for this one very soon. I'll report back with my opinions when I'm finished reading.

You can purchase this book online, like I said at Amazon.com or at Guardianbooks.uk
But I prefer to bike 1mile up the road and grab it LOCALLY.

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