Color = Teal

Ok new theme post. Every Saturday I'm going to start featuring a color and all the beautiful things I find and see that incorporate my color of the week. This will help me keep track of all the color trends and whats in and out for the season. Please don't think I'm straying away from my blog's overall theme itself as most of what you will see will still be Eco friendly!

First color to be featured: Teal (hmm my second favorite)

Washed teal recycled glass tile from ecofriendlyflooring.com

Sworn Virgins Teal Miami Shirt Eco friendly knit bamboo from

Large Serving Bowl From

I wonder what next week's color will be? Green? Purple? I don't know.


Nikki Workman said...

I used to struggle with teal...but I love it lately. Want that top!

CouponMeUp.com said...

Grab that hot teal top for cheap!
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