Crafty Craftiness

Wanna see some pictures of my work space? My super small not really interesting and needs some organization work space? Here it is.

Notice the post its on the wall. Yea, I think I need a planner

A closer look at the not so organized messy small desk

A super cheap shelving system and file folders shoved into a plastic container. Nice.

It may not look organized to you but I know what's what in my yarn stash. Back off!

And my kitty Ruca just for fun ♥

So what's my new years resolution? Nothing. I don't believe in them. Hah you thought I was gonna say organize. Nope. But Ill think about it.


Cakespy said...

My new years resolution is to have such a nice and clean workspace! Inspiring...and so totally unlike my own, sadly. ;-)

4paws said...

OMG! your work space is so clean and organized. I'm so jealous ;)

bonnie said...

i need you to come out here and help me organize~~
your workspace looks so inviting.

CastoCreations said...

I love your yarn stash! And your kitty! =) Your space is SO much more organized than mine. Sheesh.