Recycle That Yarn!

Recycling yarn is easy (well sometimes) and basically free yarn. The best place to find old sweaters and such to "unravel" are at flea markets and second hand stores. You may think gross, I'm not knitting with that stuff. Well, contrary to popular belief, all garments at second hand stores are washed before they are re sold. Ans some haven't been worn before.

Scouring sales racks at cheap clothing stores are great too. A few Etsy artists are masters at this technique and I'll be interviewing each of them as the weeks go by. So we all can learn how to save some yarn!

If you have no desire to sit and unravel your own yarn but still like the idea of using recycled yarn, I have just the lady for you. Crafftyarn is a member of the EcoEtsy street team that I lead. She is the first person that comes to mind when I think recycled yarn. It amazes me how beautiful the yarn looks after its been unraveled from a sweater. Just like new! Check out her Etsy shop and see if anything tickles your fancy.

Here are some of her shop finds that I find rather well, amazing!

To find out more on how to recycle your own yarn, I have compiled a few sites to reference.


Happy yarn recycling!

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