The Green Book

The everyday guide to saving the planet. I picked up this book the other day and I'm just now getting some time to sit and read it. So far, I'm very impressed with the simplicity of the ideas and facts gathered. I have a very short attention span and if a book to too blah or filled with complicated words or boring facts, I won't read it.

Written by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen with incerpts from Cameron Diaz , Ellen Degeneres, Will Ferrell, Faith Hill, Martha Stewart, Dale Ernhart JR, Owen Wilson, Robert Redford, Jeniffer Aniston, Tim Mcgraw, Tyra Banks, Tiki Barber and Justin Timberlake, this book I have a feeling will be in my purse or car as a reference when in need. I will be interested to see what these celebs. have to say about being green and what they are doing in there nice luxurious lives to be better the planet.

As, I make my way through this book, Ill be sharing my thoughts and some things I have learned from reading with everyone. So stay tuned!

For more info. about this book visit readthegreenbook.com

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Cakespy said...

I just went to the website, this sounds like a great resource! Thank you for the find!