The kitchen is where the heart is

so why not make it as eco efficient as possible right? As I said yestday, I was going to be posting about The Green Book and my facinating finds while reading. The first section talks about ways to reduce energy and converve in your kitchen. So here are a few simple but interesting tips and facts taken from the book for all to ponder.

> Run full when you run your dishwasher. DON'T pre rinse you dishes either. You can save up to 20 gallons of water per dish load.

> Try not to waste food. Save leftovers for future meals. You can save 20 pounds of food anually if you reduce your food waste by a slice of bread each day!

> Use cold water when you run your garbage disposal. Or don't use it at all. Try composting your waste instead. Disposal waste can disrupt nutrient balances in water and soil ecosystems which can then harm wildlife.

> Try not to preheat for more than 10 minutes. By reducing the amount of time your oven is one by one hour, you will save an average of 2 killowatt hours of energy.

> Keep your head out of the refridgerator! Also a big energy reducer. When you are cooking, get everything out of the fidge you need in one trip and put it all away in one trip.

> Use glass or porcelain containers to store food. Plastic will leach chemicals into your food causeing health problems.

> Use leftover shopping bags as garbage bags. Save money and spare up to seventeen trees when 1 ton of bags are saved.

Like I said, very simple and sometimes a no brainer. But honestly, how many people actually do the above? Think about it. Think about your daily routines and see where you can improve your kitchen life. Tomorrow we will talk about the bathroom

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