Lusting over Lush

I took a recent trip to the city yesterday and came across a Lush store. I have eyeing this all natural organic bath line for some time now. I didn't want to order online due to my pickiness of natural bath products. It was like a dream, walking into an all organic colorful rainbow of sweet smells and hella cool products.

What Lush believes in....
No animal testing
Hand Made
Good Value

Lush is an age old company first started in the late seventies. They sold there first product the The Body Shop in 1978. Today Lush has over 370 shoppes around the world. Mail order businesses are operated through countries such as UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Japan, Sweden and Hong Kong, just to name a few. they have entities all over the world. Each one operates separately therefore may have different products and promotions.

Most products are discontinues frequently because everything is made is small batches which have expiration dates. Depending on where you go or where you live, you are sure to find something different.

It's inspiring as a hand made esta myself to see such a small company grow and still maintain its values and quality. They also have an unbelievable following of customers that come together on the sites very own chat rooms. It's amazing to troll through all the threads and see what rave people are talking about. I even remember seeing Jennifer Love on the E! channel boasting about Lush.

I snagged a whole cart full of stuff while I could. I wanted to try everything. The staff was very helpful and uber cool to talk to.

Here are a few of my favorites so far, but if your interested HURRY because they only stay fresh for so long!

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Christie said...

I <3 Lush. I get their catalogue in the mail so I can shop from home too!!