My Etsy Find Of The Week::Casto Creations::

My friend from Etsy linked my blog to hers yesterday, So I'm returning the favor and making her my Etsy Find of The Week this week.

So welcome Casto Creations! Aside from the most beautiful product images, Casto has some of the most elegant jewelry I have yet to see on Etsy. Very stunning and bold pieces of art that make me wanna touch my computer screen.

Casto Creations fuses metal together to create her pieces. I'm particularly fond of the choice of beads used as well. They remind me of when I was creating jewelry. Guess we have the same taste in beads.

Here are a few of my favorites from Casto Creation Etsy shop..

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Cakespy said...

So beautifully designed! oh Mr. Cakespy, Valentine's Day is coming...