Awhile ago I decided to redo my business and give my image a makeover. You may remember me posting about my progress. Well since then, I have had great success with selling and my Etsy shop is doing great. I have had great responses and compliments on my work and the overall feel you get when you visit my shop. However, some things need to change. You have to switch it up a bit and keep things fresh.

I recently noticed a huge drop in sales. Partly because of the time of year and partly because I have not been listing any "new" products since Christmas is over. I'm still winding down from the hectic season and quite frankly, taking a breather from crocheting my fingers off.

While it's slow, I have decided to stage my photos. Staging is when you take a product, a room whatever and add elements to it to create a feel or set the tone of the space. My images are pretty strait forward and very plain and simple. Don't get me wrong, this is the style I was going for when re doing my shop, but some people may think it's stark or uninviting.

So to ease those feelings I have decided to start re doing my photos. I want to also give my buyers an idea of what my products can be used for. So this is a great way to show that off.

I have only done three stages so far. below I have them listed for your view. Any feedback would be appreciated. ♥

Image staged

Image staged

Image staged

I have very little pretty space in my apartment right now so close ups are all I have to work with. Eventually, I will start staging a larger space, meaning, wall paper, shelving, stands etc. This of course takes more money than I want to spend at the current time. I like everyone else, are broke too.


CastoCreations said...

I think your staged pics are fabulous! The non-staged ones are great too - very crisp and clear, but then seeing them staged gives ideas on how to use the items. Love them all!

lemonpizza said...

I think the staging is great as well, it really gives a better idea of how big the pieces are, my brain has a hard time visualizing dimensions so seeing the items in a surrounding really helps.

bonnie said...

i love the staged pictures--
very cool.