Game Night

I recently hosted a game night at my home for my co- workers. I didn't have enough dinnerware to serve everyone who was coming over. I couldn't bare the thought of buying paper or plastic plates and silverware. So I went on a search to find a more Eco friendly way of doing things.

I could A, borrow some dinnerware from a neighbor, but that's kinda weird don't ya think? I could B, tell everyone to eat with there fingers and dig in! that didn't go over too well either. Or I could C, buy this super cool new product made from sugar cane! Yes, sugar cane. These dinner sets ( shown below) will biodegrade in 180 days. The price wasn't bad at all either.

Here is the breakdown for those of you who are caught in a jam like I was...

16 oz. Bowl (pack of 50): $8.50
12 oz. Cup (pack of 50): $9.00
7″ Plate (pack of 50): $6.50
9″ Plate (pack of 50): $9.00
9″ Compartmentalized Plate (pack of 50): $9.00
12″ Oval Platter (pack of 10): $5.50
Fork, Knife, Spoon (50 of each): $14.00

Well worth the price huh? You can find them at branchhome.com I was lucky to find them local one a trip to the city. Stock up while you can if you have to purchase them online. You never know when you'll be nominated to host a work event.

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