My Etsy Find Of The Week :: Pinky Pig ::

Cute is all I can say about this Etsy seller. Carol from the land of Oz knows how to whip up some great little zipper pouches, Brooches, and hair ties.

I like to swoon over the Japanese like fabric. Her products are expertly sewn in the cutest of patterns. I'm particularly fond of the little elephant brooches. I have had on hearted from some time now. And if your into Bylthe dolls, well she has some itsy bitsy socks for your dolls too!

I hope to one day be able to snatch up some of the items listed below. Take a look at the Pinky Pig shop and be prepared to be smothered in uber style and cuteness.

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Headley said...

The listed items are creative and somewhat unusual. The Internet is such a powerful media to allow people to showcase their work.