My Etsy Find Of The Week::The Star Craft::

The shop name speaks for itself. What talent and patients this etsy seller has right? And oh so colorful shades of paper manipulated into beautiful stars and cranes.

The Star Craft has over 10 years experience folding paper. And it surly shows. Her stars as she describes in her profile are not a form of origami but rather a form of basketry. If you read her descriptions on one of her stars, she describes how they are formed.

Her origami cranes are folded using hand dyed Japanese paper, strung with swarovski crystals. The cranes are folded with a wish for peace. A very interesting story accompanies her listings. I can picture my ceiling filled with paper stars shinning in the sun as it flows through the windows. How a young girl would dream of such a room.

Each star is folded using Moravian Paper and dipped in paraffin wax and sprinkled with glitter. Just divine.

It was hard to pick just three things to highlight from The Star Craft's shop. I love everything and I want a collection to adorn my craft room.

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