Newspaper Yarn?

You guessed it. A member from the Eco Etsy street team brought this to my attention today and I immediately had to come over here and tell you all about it. And as a little side note, if anyone knows how to do this or makes it or whatever, I want to know because I want some asap!

The site appears to be a blog where someone named Greetje Van Tiem did a college project on spinning newspaper into yarn. In reading the responses to the blog post, most say that they did this many many years ago. Mostly using crepe papers. I'm amazed by the up cycling meets beauty in the yarn. Think of how many newspapers are thrown away each day. If we could recycle all those papers and spin them into yarn I think I would pass out and die from happiness.

Here is the blog link if you are interested in reading the article. Not much there but a bunch of responses. I googled the yarn to see if there was a place to purchase it. Turns out, blog all over the world are blogging about this stuff. What an overnight success!

Also in searching deep into the google search ( like 4 pages back) I found a blog called curious weaver who explains how to make this yarn. Click here for that info. Still no finding on where I can buy some. Oh well, I'll keep searching.

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