Totally Irrelevant

I know this not in character of my blog and not something you would expect to see, but something is drawing me to cupcakes lately. Well, for awhile now, I have been obsessing over anything cupcake related.

This is mainly for my own records as I must have these for my wedding some day. So think of it as a little note to myself online not to forget about these little beauties.

Bakerella is a blog all about cakes and decorating. I'm not sure how I came across this blog or what I was even searching. I do know it wasn't cakes. Stupid google. The cake is made like normal then crumbled up in a bowl, mixed with cream cheese and shaped into little cupcakes. A popsicle stick is inserted and they are put in the fridge to harden. Once hardened they are dipped in chocolate and decorated oh so nicely.

Above are these adorable little pink balls of cake! Just as cute as the cupcakes.

Speaking of Cupcakes...

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DinnerTimeChimes.etsy.com said...

Oh my goodness--those cupcake bites look sooooo yummy!!