As if Etsy shopping wasn't consuming my life enough, I cam across a site the other day that makes me go " I gotta have that!" Buygreen.com is a site made for us by us Eco - friendly citizens.  The people at buygreen.com are so into their efforts that everything from their office supplies to their packing materials are all recycled. 

Each product on the site is rated using 4 key factors, source material, manufacturing, use and disposal. Each product is then given a score based on how well they fit into each category. The site displays the products score so you know how that particular product rates among the rest. 

I like the idea that someone is finally holding these companies accountable for there false claims of Eco and green products. Something can be recycled or made from 100% organic cotton, but that doesn't always mean that the company or the manufacturer is conscience about there carbon footprint or other materials used to create the product. All these things matter too . 

Buygreen also purchases carbon offsets to reduce their carbon footprint to zero. They also participate in an organization called 1% for the planet. Where businesses can donate 1% of their profit to support Eco practices and research

Of course I had to do some browsing of my own and because I'm doing my part by not buying unless I have to, I must say, it's tempting to grab some of these Eco - cool products below.

If I didn't already have one, I would be purchasing this for sure. I just love this. 

My poochie would love this. But, she doesn't wear a collar.

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