Eco Craft Show Part I

I'm going to start a series of Eco craft show posts since that is what's currently consuming my life right now. Actually, this will be my very first craft show meaning I have absolutely nothing to get started. Being the Eco savvy chick I am, I thought it would be fun to blog about my experience leading up to craft show day ( which hasn't been decided yet by the way).

So this evening I'm going to talk about what to do first when you decide that you want to do a craft show.

Step 1
Make sure you have the proper taxing
licensing and other legal documents before the day of the show. Some states require you have a resales license before you sell in that state. You can determine what documents you need by contacting the local city council of the town holding the fair or visit www.irs.gov.

Step 2
Start making a list of anything and everything you think you may need for the big day. I have a list about three pages long. Obviously, some of those things will be weeded out as time goes by but it's a starting point.

Here a few good sites that have pre made lists to get you started...


Once you have your list, you need to make another list that will determine what you need to purchase and or do first. This is what I'm currently working on now.

Step 3
Soon after you make your list of
essentials, you need to figure out how you want your booth to look. What feeling are you trying to convey? What design elements do you want to incorporate ? These are just a few questions to think about. Do a rough sketch if you have to. It's important to also know what the measurements of the space and table are that you will be using. In fact, you should get that information right away before you start any design planning.

Here are a few sites to browse around for design ideas...
Arts and Crafts Group on Flickr

Really, there are tones of images online for your viewing pleasure. Just do a Google search for craft fair pictures.

Tomorrow I will talk about the next step in your craft fair preparation after you have a vision in mind. As well as ways to save money and help the planet along the way too! Don't worry, Eco friendly ideas are soon to follow!
Stay tuned...


kathijane said...

Hey projectfelt... gonna put a link to this... goes along with my current blogging post...:) (stop by for a visit or add a link to me??)

Erin said...

You're off to a great start!