Eco This and That's

Because I had so much time today, not really. I was browsing around the net trying to find something to blog about tonight. I have been slacking in the Eco articles lately I know. So here are a few this and that's to hold you over.

National Geographic has a neat little quiz you can take to test your "green" knowledge. Click here to see what you score. Pss. I got a 90% !

Remember last year's pet recall? If you care about your kids like I do ( bailey and Ruca) you will feed them all natural organic dog and cat food.

Try cat food. Or Instinct Chicken Formula

Wanna try something different than the regular old Vodka? A new organic liqueur has come onto the market called Veev Liquer. made with prickly pear extract, this stuff is suppose to give you less hangovers. I'll be the judge of that.

This one made me chuckle. Instead of using an electric can opener, try using the old school manual crankers. You'll save electricity and burn a couple calories while your at it. :)

75% of trash can be recycled but only 25% is. More than I thought was actually recycled anyway.

Earth 911 is an online site that allows you to enter your zip code to find your nearest recycling center. You should already know that since you already recycle right? I thought so.

Well that's all for now folks. Have a great evening and remember, always brush your teeth with the water off!

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