Tip Blitz

1. Buy in bulk as much as possible. You'll save on unnecessary packaging and less frequent trips to the grocery store meaning less gas and more cash in your pocket. 

2. Educate yourself on the claims made on products such as "All natural" or " Organically Grown" The FDA has standards that each product needs to meet in order to have these statements on there packaging, but they aren't as strict as you think. Being an educated consumer will allow you to make the best informed decision when you are purchasing goods. 

3. Make a wish list online of all your favorite green products. Tell your friends and family about your new life change and email them you list. This way, your sure to get some Eco- friendly products when it's time to receive gifts.

4. Buy fair trade sugar, coffee and tea whenever possible. 

5. Keep things simple. Only buy what you need or enjoy. The less you buy the less you will waste. 

6. Buy bleach-free toilet paper made from the highest post consumer waste you can find.

7. Use a dry erase board instead of a note pad when leaving messages for friends and family.

8. It's yard sale season. take advantage of it. Buy items that others have already used. Most of the time, these left over yard sale items wind up in the dump after the sale. 

9. Make a recycling fact sheet to pass around your neighborhood. Educate you fellow peers on what your town recycled and where they can take them. Most people are too busy to research this themselves. Spread your knowledge. 

10. Leave your grass clippings on the lawn after you mow. This acts as a fertilizer and also protects your lawn from those hot drought summer days. 

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