Weddings Gone Eco

Etsy is doing a series of articles dedicated to Eco friendly weddings. Tis the season for engaged couples to start freaking out over their wedding dates soon to come. Today, Etsy featured one seller who had an Eco friendly wedding. So I thought I would share a little of the story with you.

Dana a.k.a Thomasina from Etsy, created a beautiful D.I.Y Eco friendly wedding. I'm going to share a few things with you that Dana did to save money and the planet. 

First up, the invites. She found a paper maker at a local thrift store for $4. Her and hubby made paper and envelopes from old magazines. They turned out great!

The wedding was held at a local bar that also housed a business that salvages old historic pieces from soon to be demolished buildings. As you can see form the image below, the atmosphere screams charm. What a lovely setting. 

They found these amazing bamboo disposable and biodegradable plates and utensils. The bamboo is organically grown and guaranteed to biodegrade in 4-6 mths. They look to me like a fancy set of wooded dinnerware that you would find in a Pier 1 of sorts. Never would have thought these beauties are disposable. I wonder if you can wash them? The company of these plates are not given but I'm on the hunt. 

To read the full article about this wedding visit the Storque article over at Etsy.com.
I'm not married yet, and this article is giving me the itch to start planning my own Eco wedding. I hope all you brides to be will be inspired to do the same. 


Field Notes said...

Its nice to see more and more people doing green weddings. It's good for the earth, and great for my business! I notice my little sprouting handmade paper cards got picked as a 'related item' Woo hoo!!

Michele Maule said...


I believe those plates are made by Bambu. You can find them at places like Whole Foods, maybe Wild Oats. If you live in Portland, Oregon you can for sure find them at New Seasons. I use to work there :)

They also make cool things like picnic sporks!