Where Have I Been?

I know I know, I have some explaining to do. I can't remember the last time I blogged. It's a dirty shame isn't it! I'm most sure I have lost some of my faithful readers. So let me explain.

First, this craft show I'm preparing for has me pulling my hair daily. The show is on May 10th. It's my first show and I have been crocheting and felting till I can't see anymore. So enough about that. 

One the good side, I have taken on a new venture. Something I have wanted to do since I could remember. Graphic design. Yes, I have taken on the task of teaching myself the skills necessary to be a successful designer. Not only that, but I have also taken the challenge of learning web design as well. Whew, makes me tired just writing about it. 

Most of my days and evenings for the past three weeks or so have consisted of me raising money to purchase Adobe Illustrator and Dreamweaver. Once I purchased the programs, I scoured the web for tutorials and lessons on how to use these monstrous programs. As you can see from the image above, although it's cute, I have a long ways to go. I'm learning more and more everyday. I love it so much that I've already done two banners for some Etsy friends as a way to practice interacting with clients. 

Now some of you may say, 'well what about felting'? I ask myself this same question as well. The thing is, felting is time consuming. It's a craft that I love but at the same time cannot make a decent living doing. If you have read my posts from way back you already now that I hate my job more than mayonnaise. And I puke on mayo, trust me. So I needed to do so soul searching and figure out what I was going to do with my life. 

The job market in the country in non existent and living in a small town doesn't help. Most decent paying jobs require a degree of some sort. Who can afford college? I have a phobia of debt. I dug myself a whole when I was 18 and it took me almost 4 years to re cooperate. Not going there again. I just can't fathom paying over 100,000 for someone to tell me how the color wheel works and why Picaso cut his ear. Get what I'm dishing. I was born with a special talent of design. I always had it and i always will. 

So you ask ' well Tara, most graphic design jobs require degrees as well'. Your right. BUT, yes there is a big but. An online portfolio can speak for itself. Once I have a year experience under my belt with these programs and I feel comfortable navigating my way around, I will start to build my online portfolio and start hitting the job market. How can an employer turn someone down with a portfolio to die for? Degree or not. 

One more things I would like to discuss before I end my evening. This blog had three major focuses; me, Etsy, and the environment. The last couple months has been so hectic and stressful that I decided to no longer restrain myself to just those topics. I know that the most successful blogs are the ones who have a focus. But I also think it's important to share and discuss things that are random as well. I want to keep my readers curious. What's she going to write about today sort of thing. I find myself wanting to write about so many things but I have restrained myself because I tried to maintain the theme of this blog. I can no longer do that. I must break free from the box and speak freely about what I please. I hope you all will take my decision with grace as I do and enjoy my blog just the same. The next month or so will be interesting. I feel better already. I have things bottled up inside of me that I just can't wait to share with you. 

But for now, please enjoy this second  vector image I created just a little bit ago. I think I'll name it tulip. Original huh? Just kidding. What do you think? I would love to hear your comments. I need all the critism I can get ♥ 



I think you're off to a great start with graphic design! I loved the trees graphic as well as the tulips! And I agree with you on being successfull without having to have a degree. I do have a degree (Business Administration), but there are many days that I think I could be doing my job just fine without it. I frequent your blog and think you'll be a great graphic designer. You're very creative and have self-motivation and lots of desire to learn. I wish you the best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I really like your flowers graphic, and also your cute apple. Great that you have named her too. Does she have a story behind her? I like making up stories for things I make.